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Stims are consumable items that give the player a boost to their stats for a short period of time (this time can be increased by 50% with the chemist perk).

List of Stims:
  • Orange Juice: Applies effect of X-plosive Runs, Iron 4-Skin, and Muscleman Milk.
  • Hemo Blast: Increases health pool by 10 HP and heals for 10 HP.
  • X-plosive Runs: Increase Movement Speed by 25% for 30 seconds.
  • Iron 4-Skin: Reduce Damage Taken by 15% for 2 minutes.
  • Muscleman Milk: Increase Damage Dealt by 15% for 2 minutes
  • Silent But Deadly: Makes movement and crafting sounds nearly silent for 2 minutes.


Traps are items players can set up to slow down or/and damage opponents that are lured into them. All traps are destroyable by being hit or with explosives. The explosive traps can however also be destroyed with ranged weapons, so hitting them isn't recommended (for obvious reasons).

List of Traps:

Healing items

Healing Items are consumable items that replenish health on use.

List of Healing Items:
  • Crafted Bandage: Replenishes 25 health and takes 2.5 seconds to use.
  • Bandage: Replenishes 40 health takes and 2.5 seconds to use.
  • Med Kit: Replenishes player to full health and takes 4 seconds to use.

Utility Items

Utility Items are items which are used as a utility and can sometimes aid in combat.

List of Utility Items:
  • Stun Gun: Stuns an opponent temporarily, but takes a second to charge. It isn't used unless it hits an opponent.
  • Alarm Gun: Activates an emergency tracking beacon for 60 seconds and deals 1 damage.
  • Man Tracker: Displays distance (up to 99 meters) and direction of nearest opponent.
  • Pepper Spray: Blinds an opponent for 10 seconds, however they gradually see more over the last 5 seconds.

Inventory upgrades

Inventory Upgrades are items that players can equip during the game to increase the slot count of their inventory.

List of Inventory Upgrades:
  • Satchel: Gives a 4th inventory slot.
  • Backpack: Gives a 4th and 5th inventory slot.


Armors are items that players can equip during the game to decrease incoming damage and stop bleeding.

List of Armors:
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