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Perks are player-chosen modifiers that affect their skills and stats during the game. Each contestant can choose 3 different perks to start each match with. Some perks are better for the early minutes of the match, while others are geared towards the end of the match. A lot of perks offer better synergies with your airdrop as well. Therefore, it is important to be aware of what each perk can bring to your personal play style, as perks can't be changed during a match in any way. However, contestants that achieve kills in match will be rewarded with Kill Perks, which are set perks that are the same for everybody.

There are 3 perk categories to choose from: Weapons, Utility, and Survival.

List of Perks


Name Description
Mangler 40% of melee damage dealt with Axes is also applied to opponent's stamina.
Brutus +50% backstab damage with any Blade.
Basher -15% melee and throw charge time with all Bludgeons.
Golden Arm +25% velocity and +100% damage for thrown spears (+50% for crafted weapons). Maximum effect at 20 meters.
Ranger +10% damage with all ranged weapons.
Trapper -75% time to place and disarm traps. Snares apply a 30% expose wound.


Name Description
Leg Day +5% movement speed.
Recovery +30% faster stamina regeneration.
Speedy Spear +7% movement speed while holding any Spear.
Stealthy Blade Your movement is nearly silent while holding any Blade.


Name Description
Chemist Stim effects last 50% longer.
Load Dropper Airdrops arrive much faster.
Man Tracker Start the match with a Man Tracker in your inventory.
Master Crafter -25% crafting time.
Moneybags Gain +2 bonus F.U.N.C. each time F.U.N.C. is gathered.


Name Description
Angry Octopus When reduced below 20 Health automatically drop a Smoke Bomb (Once per match).
Bomb Suit Reduce all damage from firearms and explosives by 30% while holding any Bludgeon.
Blood Guzzler If someone is bleeding within 15 meters of you, you gain 1 health per 3 seconds.
Cannibal Killing an opponent restores 15 health and full stamina.
Dig Deep Recover 20 Health when you drop to 1 HP. Happens once per match.
Immunity Immune to bonus damage from backstabs and headshots.
Inhuman You can not be tracked with Man Tracker and are immune to Alarm Gun.
Regenerator Recover 1 health point every 4 seconds.
Sixth Scents Become alerted when a player is within 20 meters. 30 second cooldown.
Thick Skin Reduce all damage from bows, blowguns and thrown weapons by 30% while holding an Axe.
Tough Mother Reduce all incoming damage by 5%.

Kill Perks

Name Description
Big Boned (1st Kill) Health pool increased by 10 points.
Big Lungs (2nd Kill) Stamina pool increased by 10 points.
Ol' Painless (3rd Kill) +10% damage with all weapons, traps and explosives.
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